The Life Of A Scilly Sergeant by Colin Taylor

1st Blog Review of my book. Thank you very much The Reading Shed

The Reading Shed


Thank You so much @PenguinRHUKNews @NetGalley and the main man himself @ScillySergeant for giving me the opportunity to review this fabulously funny book.

When I first saw the cover I just knew I had to read this book. Mad man zooming about on small bike, just my cuppa.
I really loved the day to day happenings of Colin’s day. There are some very funny tales to tell and I laughed out loud.
I realise policing is a very serious matter and Colin seems THE man for the job.
A feel good read which makes me want to venture back “darn sarf” for a pint of “Drekters my Ansome” ( Northerner who lived/worked in Penzance trying to speak Cornish here)

I give this book 10/10

‘Policing is like this everywhere but not everywhere is Scilly’

Meet Sergeant Colin Taylor, he has been a valuable member of the police force for over…

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The Police as Contingency

Many times in my career, along with every other police officer in the country, I’ve been called upon to do something as part of someone else’s contingency plan – can the police su…

Source: The Police as Contingency

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Special Offer

Is your aspiration to be a Drug Overlord being stunted by lack of resources😢? Are you being undercut by more professional service providers😭? Perhaps you are simply looking to knock out a bit of surplus weed or ecstasy to your mates and want to show you are a fair guy👍. It doesn’t matter where you are in your meteoric slide towards becoming a dealer🤑, you need scales. Here at St Mary’s Police we have a great offer. This week we were having a spring clean at the station and came across this set of “letter scales” 😉. Free to a good home. They weigh down to the tenth of a gram which is just perfect if you fancy yourself Breaking Bad🕶.

But the offer doesn’t stop there. Oh no. Here at St Mary’s Police we just keep giving. To the person who makes the best pitch to us why they should be the main dealer this side of Lands End we will make a clean sweep of your opposition🤔.

To avail yourself of this fantastic offer just pitch up 🚶🏻at this or indeed any Police Station and let us know who your competition is; the dealer you want us to remove from circulation. Then provide us a brief resume of your own takeover business plan 🗣and a small sample of your product for assessment. In no time you could be the proud owner of this fantastic set of scales with the kudos of having Devon and Cornwall Police in marker pen on them. Trippy or what🤘.

T & C’s apply and remember New Psychoactive Substances (Legal Highs💀) become regulated this time next month, April 2016. Yes. No longer will unregistered pharmacists need to advertise them as Plant Food Not For Human Consumption. They will all be just as unlawful as the old favourites.

Sgt Colin Taylor👽scillysergeant


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Happy Mothers Day

“Be careful out there. Don’t get into any trouble”
“But Mum, I’m a Policeman. It’s my job to find trouble.”
For over 20 years she has felt it necessary to issue me this cautionary advice so recently I asked her to stroll with me on patrol. A brief spell on the mean streets of Scilly to give her a more informed perspective.

Never try to outwit your mother. Satisfied I was unlikely to come to too much harm she turned to me outside The Atlantic Inn and said.
“You look cold. Are you warm enough?”

Happy Mothers Day Mum and to all the mums who worry about their sons and daughters on the beat wherever that may be.

Yes we have our vests on.


Last week was the anniversary of 101 years of Women in Policing. I submit you have always been there in one form or another, thankfully.

Sgt Colin Taylor

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Saffron Bun

 Our National Police Air Service (NPAS) helicopter came to Scilly yesterday. Fortunately they thought long and hard about the name and did not call it the Police National Air Service (PNAS). Amongst the crew was Ian.

Three weeks ago Ian was a constable in South Yorkshire chasing baddies in a helicopter around Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield. Then he made the decision to transfer to Devon and Cornwall Police which is rated number one nationally in terms of having the confidence of our local communities. Now he finds himself eating Saffron Buns in the spring sunshine at lunch time on a beach on Scilly.

If you want to achieve the same levels of contented satisfaction at a choice well made here is my Nana’s Saffron Bun Recipe for you to share. Ansom.

1lb plain flour
1/2 lb SR flour
1/2 lb fat (lard & butter mixed)
6oz sugar
8oz mixed fruit
Pkt dried yeast
2 pkts saffron

Put saffron to soak in a couple of table spoons of boiled water overnight. Just warm again with hot water and add a few drops of yellow colouring. Mix all ingredients together to make a dough and put in warm place to raise overnight. Half fill tin lightly greased and floured tin and allow to prove.

Buns: about 1/2 hour. keep looking. 400F
Cake: about 1 hour 375F for 3/4 hr then lower

Be happy like Ian.

Sergeant Colin Taylor

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